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Llevamos 10 años produciendo relatos con medios y marcas internacionales, desarrollando films que conectan de forma auténtica con la audiencia. Encontramos historias actuales y trascendentes, aportando una nueva dimensión a la comunicación de instituciones y marcas.



We are Film & TV people. We know how to work and get what you need. We have our own equipment and can deliver at professional and Broadcast Standards.Did we mention we like telling stories?


We find stories. We have the knowledge to produce stories to suit a variety of visions. We can also produce in a range of formats: TV & Film documentaries, Realities, Advertisement, Videoclips and Corporate Videos.


We know Latin America’s idiosyncrasies in Film and TV production.We can take care of logistics: location scouting, casting, customs, permits, transportation, security, hotels, equipment rentals... you call it, we fix it.


We have an experienced team of pilots dedicated to producing excellence aerial cinematography.


We edit and have a wide network of post editors. Production and editing services in Latin America have grown exponentially in the last ten years. We represent this change.


We observe this world region from the inside. Latin America offers weird and wonderful material for stories. Like us, we hope you will love it too.


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Million km2 Area



Director & Executive Producer

Documentary film director and producer based in Chile. With a background on advertisement direction, has worked on documentaries with: Netflix, BBC, Discovery, Channel 4, TV5, Red Bull TV, Al Jazeera English and more. Has developed and directed TV documentaries on subjects ranging from environmental issues to war in Syria, including stories in Colombia, Mexico and Antarctica.


Director / Producer

Documentary film maker with a Masters in Periodical Journalism from the London College of Communications. Self-Shooting producer with experience in investigational journalism, anthropological documentaries and reality tv. For the last seven years has been based in Latin America where he has worked for Al-Jazeera, BBC, Discovery, History Channel, Channel 4 UK, Ruptly TV, Global Post, Vice amongst others.



Michelle Carrere, Chile, Journalist, Filmmaker and Journalist–Editor at Carre.re Journalistic Research Foundation. Has conducted investigative reports both written and audiovisual, covering topics related to conflicts and social issues in Latin America. Her work has been showcased on international media outlets such as: Mongabay (USA), El País (Spain), Univisión (USA) and TeleSur (LATAM), among others.


Director / Copywriter

Filmmaker, cameraman and animator. Born in the south of Chile, he was raised by the interest of using all kind of media and formats to explore communication. Passing through animation, classic documentary formats and also comedy, he has experience in Chile, Europe and Africa. These multicultural associations give Manuel’s narratives a world perspective.


Director & Editor

Director & Post producer with over 15 years of experience working for brands like Converse, Puma, Latam Airlines, Redbull, etc. Has worked in documentary series for Netflix and different broadcasters in Chile. His passion for music is reflected on a broad videoclips and music documentaries portfolio.


Content Producer

With a background on broadcast and digital media, brings her experience to the creative process of advertising contents in marketing and communications agencies. Has worked in film, editorial and advertising projects with major brands like Paris, Unilever, Sernatur, Marca Chile, Codelco and Metro.


Researcher & Producer

Formed as an Anthropologist in France, has worked in different fields of research: academic, journalistic, consulting and expertise in criminal proceedings. In these contexts, he has addressed issues such as human trafficking, paid sex, immigration, racism and social impact of development projects.


Fixer / Photographer

Based in Santiago, Chile. Started his photojournalism career covering the 2011 student protests in Chile. Since then, has worked with CNN and The Guardian as fixer and photographer. In New Zealand collaborated with local newspapers doing stories on Colombian refugees. Also works with investigative journalism media in Chile like CIPER and The Clinic. Defines himself as a visual storyteller.


Producer - Mexico

Journalist and producer of audiovisual media. Born in Havana, Cuba. Currently lives in Mexico City. Has 7 years of experience in media production, news broadcast, factual contents and documentaries. She has covered Latin American current affairs with touching film testimonies and histories on migration and vulnerability in North and Central American countries.


Cinematographer - Mexico

Born in Caracas, Venezuela. Began working as camera assistant. Since 2006 launched his international career as cinematographer working in over 400 commercials and 2 feature films. Currently based in Chile, over the past years has worked in productions in Chile, Argentina, Colombia and México both in television documentaries as advertisement.



Utopia’s Ghost

In progress In a world in which mankind has experienced the greatest advances but also the greatest inequalities to say of Thomas Piketty, the mere idea of achieving happiness sounds today for the moment at least pure nostalgia. No one is surprised or frowning when we say that we have lost faith in utopia. What is this about? Perhaps the…


In Progress Doomed by dynamics that aren’t in their own hands, Venezuelans are leaving their country, leaving behind not only their own story, but also a conception of the world that has failed them. Their destination: Chile. As we follow their trip in a personal way, we observe the mirage they build around this country, where they will have to…

On Set: Backstage of Chilean Cinema

Documentary series that portrays the ‘behind the scenes’ of Chilean cinema by inmersing on the practical aspects of film making in a dynamic way, rescuing the individual stories of their protagonists: directors, producers, actors and technicians. With a focus on cultural mediation, «On Set» builds a bridge between Chilean cinema and the local audience, but in a playful and agile…

Standing Tall

In progress What does it mean to be happy in Latin America? Is it possible to be so, amidst unsafety and fear? Six people, in six countries in Latin America, who are both witness and protagonists of armed violence, environmental destruction, precarious work, gender inequality, migration and climate change, will face a turning point in their lives. All of them…

17 Days Buried Alive – BBC

Documentary in which the Chilean miners trapped underground for 69 days in 2010 remember the untold story of the first 17 days, when no-one outside knew if they were alive. Production & Research  17 DAYS BURIED ALIVE (BBC) from We Are South on Vimeo.

Chile: Where all abortion is illegal (Channel 4)

Special report from Chile on the young girls who are forced to go through with pregnancies even if it’s the result of incest or rape, or to buy illegal abortion pills on the black market. Research & Production services  Chile where all abortion is illegal (Channel 4) from We Are South on Vimeo.

Chilean Miners: What Happened Next (Discovery Channel)

«Chilean Miners: What Happened Next» is a vivid and moving account of how three of the miners have coped with the whirlwind of fame. Research & Production services  Chilean Miners What Happened Next (Discovery Channel) from We Are South on Vimeo.

Valparaiso Waterfront cities of the world

Valparaiso suffered greatly with the opening of the Panama Canal, but in recent years it has experienced an urban renewal, a liveliness that can be felt all over the city. Research & Production services  Valparaiso Waterfront cities of the world from We Are South on Vimeo.

PBS: Tiny Easter Island deals with giant trash problem

Easter Island off the coast of Chile has a major trash problem. It’s near what’s known as a “trash vortex” in the middle of the South Pacific and floating waste is constantly washing ashore. Local officials estimate the growing population is producing more than 20 tons of trash per day. Research & Production services

PBS: Rapa Nui Climate change

Spectacular giant statues evoke history and mystery on Easter Island, a place that has symbolized what humans can achieve and then destroy. Now everywhere you look on the island, home to about 6,000 residents, there are signs of coastal erosion and dangers of climate change. Research & Production services

PBS: Chilean Church

Nearly 80 Catholic clergy across the country have been accused of sexually abusing minors over decades, and more have been implicated in the coverup. Reports from Santiago, Chile. Research & Production services  Chile’s faith in the Catholic Church withers from child sex abuse revelations from Mike Fritz on Vimeo.

SPOT Servilletas Elite

 AFICIONADOS ELITE from We Are South on Vimeo.

Campamento Esperanza

Completed Millions of people know the story of the rescue of 33 Chilean miners. The incident caught the attention of news media from around the world. But little is known about how their families struggled to get them back alive, and gradually turned them into protagonists on the most popular reality show of the 21st century. This is the untold…


A few extraordinary volunteers leave their regular lives to risk it all under one goal: bringing joy to children in conflict and humanitarian crisis zones We travel with a group of international clowns who seek to bring joy to children living in Conflict Zones, in a modern epic, from their common lives as professionals on the most varied backgrounds, to…

Avonni – Premio Nacional de Innovación

 Premio Avonni – Premio Nacional de Innovación from We Are South on Vimeo.

En Rodaje

El backstage del Cine Chileno  Serie – En Rodaje: El backstage del cine chileno from We Are South on Vimeo.

Red Bull Valparaiso Cerro Abajo Documentary

Red bull Valparaíso Cerro Abajo is a documentary about the extreme urban mountain bike downhill race set in the unique World Heritage sea port city of Valparaíso, Chile. Direction & Screenwriting  

Colombia Under the Knife – Latin America Investigates (Al Jazeera)

Investigation of Colombia’s backstreet cosmetic surgery trade and the scams that leave victims scarred for life. Direction, Camera & Screenwriting  Colombia Under the Knife Latin America Investigates (Al Jazeera) from We Are South on Vimeo.

72 Dangerous Animals: Latin America (Netflix)

Powerful cats, indestructible arachnids and flesh-melting pit vipers are just the beginning in this series which counts down Latin America’s deadliest creatures. Production services, cinematography, translations, research & local production https://www.netflix.com/title/80165247  72 Dangerous Animals Latin America (Netflix) from Cris Broadhurst on Vimeo.

Earthrise – Rewilding Patagonia

Al Jazeera English series  Earthrise, special episode «Rewilding Patagonia». Services: Miguel Soffia as host and presenter. Production services, Research, Camera, Aerial Cinematography, Sound, Logistics.  Earthrise: Rewiliding Patagonia. from We Are South on Vimeo.

Channel 4 – Police Brutality in Chile

Channel 4 News – UK. Production Services, Logistics, Contents Research, Fixing, Editing. Police accused of using excessive force in Chile protests Once viewed as the success story of Latin American democracy, with a strong economy, in the last few weeks Chile has seen almost daily street protests and a return to police violence unseen since the end of dictatorship three…


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