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Our Team


Cinematographer - Mexico

Born in Caracas, Venezuela. Began working as camera assistant. Since 2006 launched his international career as cinematographer working in over 400 commercials and 2 feature films. Currently based in Chile, over the past years has worked in productions in Chile, Argentina, Colombia and México both in television documentaries as advertisement.


Producer - Mexico

Journalist and producer of audiovisual media. Born in Havana, Cuba. Currently lives in Mexico City. Has 7 years of experience in media production, news broadcast, factual contents and documentaries. She has covered Latin American current affairs with touching film testimonies and histories on migration and vulnerability in North and Central American countries.


Fixer / Photographer

Based in Santiago, Chile. Started his photojournalism career covering the 2011 student protests in Chile. Since then, has worked with CNN and The Guardian as fixer and photographer. In New Zealand collaborated with local newspapers doing stories on Colombian refugees. Also works with investigative journalism media in Chile like CIPER and The Clinic. Defines himself as a visual storyteller.


Researcher & Producer

Formed as an Anthropologist in France, has worked in different fields of research: academic, journalistic, consulting and expertise in criminal proceedings. In these contexts, he has addressed issues such as human trafficking, paid sex, immigration, racism and social impact of development projects.


Content Producer

With a background on broadcast and digital media, brings her experience to the creative process of advertising contents in marketing and communications agencies. Has worked in film, editorial and advertising projects with major brands like Paris, Unilever, Sernatur, Marca Chile, Codelco and Metro.


Director & Editor

Director & Post producer with over 15 years of experience working for brands like Converse, Puma, Latam Airlines, Redbull, etc. Has worked in documentary series for Netflix and different broadcasters in Chile. His passion for music is reflected on a broad videoclips and music documentaries portfolio.